WADING BETWEEN TWO TITANS: 2. Segregating the City

“I have only lived where white folks have allowed me to live.”

Historically racist patterns in the housing market are built upon and replicated by new climate resiliency plans in Norfolk, VA.

This episode takes us from an early hub for Black community in Norfolk to a white neighborhood on the outskirts of town, hostile to Black newcomers. We’ll hear how Norfolk’s Vision2100 document reinforces the dangers that Black residents have endured through de facto and de jure segregation. And, how the government has worked hand in hand with the free market to shore up harmful patterns of segregation. Quote above from Paul Riddick.

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Featuring original research by The Repair Lab.

Learn more about what went down in Coronado at the interactive storymap that details the events here.

Featured at the beginning of this episode, “In Their Own Interests” by Earl Lewis is a great history of Black community in Norfolk, VA.

Alease Balmar Brickers’s interview selection is from Duke University’s “Behind the Veil” Oral History Project.

Johnny Finn’s project “Living Together/Living Apart” provides a rich multimedia window into the past and present of racial segregation in the Hampton Roads area.

Explore HOLC’s redlining maps firsthand through the University of Richmond’s “Mapping Inequality” project here. “Mapping Inequality” was co-created by Ladale Winling, who fact-checked the redlining part of this episode.

This episode features the voices of: Eric Hollaway (Earl Lewis, “In Their Own Interests”); Alease Balmar Brickers; Barbara Faison (as the voice of the Journal and Guide); Paul Riddick, former Norfolk City Council member; Johnny Finn, CNU; Cassandra Newby-Alexander, NSU; Kim Sudderth, Practitioner-in-Residence and Norfolk Planning Commissioner; Andria McClellan, Norfolk City Council Member; Jackie Glass, Virginia State Delegate

With support from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Music Theory Studios in downtown Norfolk, WTJU, the UVA Race, Religion and Democracy Lab, and the Karsh Institute of Democracy.

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