A redevelopment flood-proofs a mostly Black neighborhood, but it’s not the families who dealt with the construction, the multiple forced moves, or the chronic flooding who get to reap the benefits of the new infrastructure. The St Paul’s quadrant in Norfolk, VA, gets redeveloped in a historical pattern that disperses Black and poor residents. www.twotitans.org @therepairlab on Twitter Archival selections via ODU’s Digital Collections and WTKR. Read coverage on the St Paul’s Transformation Project here, here, here and here. Watch Soledad O’Brien’s BET feature on the St Paul’s Transformation Project. More about the gentrification of Ghent in this article. Here’s a PBS documentary where you can learn more about Section 8 housing choice vouchers. This episode was written, recorded, produced, edited, mixed, mastered and hosted by Adrian Wood. Show art by Adrian Wood. Story editing by Kelly Jones. Music by Sugarlift. With support from the Karsh Institute of Democracy.  

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