WADING BETWEEN TWO TITANS EXTRA: Ladale Winling on redlining

How are East coast urban landscapes complicated by 1930s home loans? In this short interview, hear how racist and classist redlining policies are just one example of the American home finance system working exactly as it’s supposed to. LaDale Winling is an award winning urban and digital historian and an expert on redlining and housing discrimination. Explore redlining maps for your city, or any city in the US, on the “Mapping Inequality” project here. This project is one of many by Ladale. See more of his work on his website, ladalecwinling.com. www.Twotitans.org @therepairlab on Twitter This episode was written, recorded, produced, edited, mixed, mastered and hosted by Adrian Wood. Show art by Adrian Wood. Story editing by Kelly Jones. Music by Sugarlift. With support from the Karsh Institute of Democracy.  

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