“What is gonna happen for us – or to us – with this project?” April lives in Grandy Village in Norfolk, VA. Her waterfront neighborhood floods a lot, but that’s getting fixed with the Ohio Creek Watershed Project. The project is a dream come true, but the reality is more complicated. www.twotitans.org @therepairlab on Twitter Archival selections from the Virginia General Assembly and via the City of Norfolk. Sea-level rise estimates are drawn from a 2017 NOAA report, cited in the 2021 Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan. Read WTKR’s coverage on the Ohio Creek Watershed Project here. Here is the City of Norfolk’s page on the Ohio Creek Project, and the project’s official website. Learn more about Wetlands Watch and their work on their website. Read about sea-level rise and explore maps, projections and impacts at the National Climate Assessment. Here’s Andrew Kahrl’s work on coastal real estate development in the US. This episode was written, recorded, produced, edited, mixed, mastered and hosted by Adrian Wood. Show art by Adrian Wood. Story editing by Kelly Jones. Music by Sugarlift. This episode features the voices of April Hatfield, Skip Stiles, Ashley Hobbes, Del. Mark Keam, Sen. Lynwood Lewis, Andria McClellan, Paul Riddick, Andrew Kahrl, Kim Sudderth and Vincent Hodges. With support from the Karsh Institute of Democracy.  

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2024-25 The Repair Lab at the University of Virginia