“If we are to save our city, we're going to have to throw everything at it.” Different approaches to resilience in Norfolk reflect different ideas about what resilience means. Big solutions have big effects, but leave some residents behind. Others aim to fill gaps left behind by the big ones. www.twotitans.org @therepairlab on Twitter Archival selections via the City of Norfolk. Read the City of Norfolk’s report on the Floodwall Extension Plan here. Learn about the Environmental Justice Policy Clinic here. Learn more about Wetlands Watch and their work on their website. Read about sea-level rise and explore maps, projections and impacts at the National Climate Assessment. This episode was written, recorded, produced, edited, mixed, mastered and hosted by Adrian Wood. Show art by Adrian Wood. Story editing by Kelly Jones. Music by Sugarlift. This episode features the voices of Vincent Hodges, Vernell Fields, Johnny Finn, April Hatfield, Skip Stiles, Dr. Kenny Alexander, Chip Filer, Kim Sudderth, and workshop participants. With support from the Karsh Institute of Democracy.  

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